This is it… you’ve made it.  You are ready to take on the world  – on our terms!

You know what you want and this is where you are going to get it. this is NOT your ama’s senior pictures!  It’s time to tell YOUR story and we are going to help you do it, in our fun, fresh and ultra modern style.
We are like you!  A little different.  our clients are looking for something more contemporary, showing the senior’s true personality.  You probably wont be taking pictures again until your wedding so we know this is important.

We have sessions to fit YOUR needs.  Check out our “In the 206” senior magazine.  It will give you more insight as to who we are!
Ruth and Kate Portraits offer both studio and on location session and a variety of collections starting at $696 to meet your needs.  From experiencing what it is like to be a super model, to a simple studio shoot (let’s face it, some, particularly guys, like to keep things simple).

Our FAQ guide is helpful too.  You can find it here